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Nancy Grace Interviews Morgan Harrington’s Parents

Nancy Grace’s blog on CNN reports the following:

‘Morgan’s parents break their silence & join Nancy Grace for a primetime exclusive interview — hear their reaction to the gruesome discovery of their daughter’s body.”

Morgans parents are either so distraught that they can not think or they are not very intelligent people. Let’s face it, “the gruesome discovery” would have to illicit a certain reaction. We all know what that is. Profound sadness, anger, grief and a plethora of other emotions that we have all had at one time or another. But, why would any intelligent parent appear on the Nancy Grace show three ring circus knowing that the only purpose Nancy has is to ask “And tell me Mrs. Harrington, what was your reaction when you first heard that they had found the body of your daughter Morgan?” Than, Nancy will look down while she fains grief and tells her audience how she would feel –“I just don’t know what I would do if the twins were found dead. I can’t even imagine the horror you must be experiencing right now. Can you tell us how you feel at this moment –how you feel knowing you won’t ever get to talk to your beautiful daughter again?!” When someone can’t look you in the eye (or even a camera) it’s pretty obvious to most of us that they aren’t being honest. Nancy has honest emotions, just not the ones we see regularly on her show. For example, Nancy shows happiness when she looks at her bank account. Nancy shows sadness when she looks in a mirror. Etc.

I did not include a picture of the beauty, Morgan because the purpose of this article isn’t to gawk at her lovely face. It’s to expose the reality that Morgan’s parents have been exploited by Nancy Grace in the hopes of finding their daughter’s killer. What the Parents fail to recognize is that Nancy Grace has not assisted in the capture of even a single criminal. It isn’t her purpose. I hope they find the sicko who murdered Morgan. And I hope he is punished to the full extent of the law. But, desperate to find the man that took the life of their young daughter, Morgan’s parents appeared on Nancy Grace as a spectacle for people to watch while they scarf down cheese balls and drink store brand grape soda. While it may do some good to put the word out and hope that someone with some knowledge of the crime might come forward even if anonymously, a quick reality check tells us her questions are designed to insight her guests to tears and to provide the horror /entertainment her viewers have come to expect and nothing more.

Now we have to feel sad not only because Morgan Harrington was killed senselessly but because Nancy has made a ridiculous example out of the entire situation. Should the parents be victimized in the hours following the news that their daughter has been found dead? Should television ratings be the force that drives what America watches even if it involves something so deeply real and personal? Should America watch Nancy Grace make fools out of Mr. and Mrs. Harrington in their most vulnerable moment?

What do you think? Do we need to “hear their reaction to the gruesome discovery of their daughter’s body?” As though Huxley’s Brave New World is ours, big brother shall tell us what we should think is important and even more important is the inclusion of us in what is important. The “urgent breaking news” of last week is spewed upon us and served up with a fresh dose of perplexing, artificial emotions that are designed to invoke horror and excitement. As though Nancy crawled out of “night of the living dead” we see images of distraught parents and their dead children on a nightly basis. Nancy’s only messages? 1. It’s important that we know that their is horrible crime in America. 2. I am the one who brings you the real story of what happened to little (dead person of the day). The “real story” is usually the misery of the lives that she puts before us. I think there is enough misery in our lives. Do we really need to see the misery of others and to compare it so we feel better about our own lives? Is that what the attraction really is for the majority of Nancy’s ignorant viewers? I say “ignorant” because the word Ignorant is a derivative of the word “ignore”. People who ignore what is really important tend to pay attention to things in life that are less important. They are the people who slow down even more to catch a glimpse of the corpse on the side of the highway. It’s like watching the Nancy Grace Show! They can’t wait to see someone less fortunate than themselves. Pass the Opium please. It’s been a long day.


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